Cultural Programs 2019


Cultural Events in 2019 

January 12     New Year’s Concert     Riding Hall
January 13                 New Year’s Concert Riding Hall
January 18 Ingolf Wunder Concert Riding Hall
 February 14   Bálint’s Day Balassi Event Baroque Theater
February 21 American Youth Symphony  Riding Hall
February 28   Molnár F: Play in the Castle   Baroque Theater
 March 1 Molnár F: Play in the Castle   Baroque Theater
March 9  Violin Chamber Music Event Ballroom
 March 10  Violin Chamber Music Event  Ballroom
 March 16    Violin Chamber Music Event   Ballroom
 March 17  Violin Chamber Music Event  Ballroom
 March 20   F. Chopin Music School    Ballroom
 March 23  „Bach for Everyone” Concert   Ballroom/Courtyard
 March 24   Japanese Symphony Orchestra  Riding Hall
 May 5   F. Chopin Music School      Riding Hall
 May 25  Japanese Traditional Concert   Ballroom
 June 9  Gödöllő Symphony Orchestra  Riding Hall
 June 26  USA Youth Band Concert  Riding Hall
 June 30  Brass Fesztival  Courtyard
 July 3  Belgian Symphony Orchestra  Riding Hall
August 2 Italian Evening Courtyard
August 24  Dohnányi Band Concert     Riding Hall
August 25 Dohnányi Band Concert  Riding hall
September 6 GödölŐsz Festival   Riding Hall
September 9 Queen Elizabeth Concert Palace Chapel
September 10/11/12 Japanese Traditional Concert  Riding Hall
October 4 Harp Festival Riding Hall
October 5 Harp Festival Riding Hall
October 6 Harp Festival Riding Hall
October 18   Liszt Festival Ballroom
October 19 Liszt Festival   Ballroom
October 20 Liszt Festival   Ballroom
October 21 Liszt Festival Ballroom
October 22 Liszt Ferenc’s Birthday Ballroom
November 3 City Brass Band Concert  Riding Hall
November 17 Cavaletta/FCZ Concert Riding Hall
November 24  Japanese Concert 150  Ballroom
December 7 Gödöllő Symphony Orchestra Riding Hall
December 8  Advent Concert  Riding Hall
December 15  Arpeggio Concert    Riding Hall
December 29   End of the Year Concert Riding Hall

We reserve the right to change the programmes and dates!

cultural events in 2019

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